Game Dev Resources

The Toolbox

Once you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements, game development and creation costs nothing to get started. This is because there are many resources available for free that can empower you. All it takes is your time, effort, and determination.

Welcome to what I call the Toolbox, a grouping of resources for indie game development. Navigate the categories below to find what you are looking for.

Table of Contents

3D Game Engines and Resources
2D Game Engines and Resources
Interactive Book Engines
Structured Creative Writing
Indie Developer Podcasts
Useful Websites
Jobs and Income


3D Game Engines and Resources

Unity3D Game Engine – See their terms of service for full details, but this powerful game engine is free within limits.
Unity Asset Store – Purchase or discover free modules to augment Unity3D game engine, save you time, and fulfill aspects of your game outside your expertise.
(You can find the Top Free assets on the Unity Asset Store here)
Unity Connect – Find GameDev jobs, individual projects, or post your own requests. Great for reaching out and networking, and freelancing.

Unreal Engine – Another powerful engine that’s free to use (See their terms).
Unreal MarketPlace – Free or for sale modules to augment Unreal Engine.
Unreal Dev Grants – Making something with Unreal? They created a fund that you can apply for!

3D Game Youtube Tutorials

Brackeys Channel – Dedicated to Unity, Brackey’s does an excellent job of giving you example code, great tutorials, and even placeholder assets for you to use so you can follow along.

Virtus Learning Hub – A channel dedicated to Unreal Engine, this links to a series of 69 videos dedicated to beginners.

3D Game Asset Creation

Blender – Incredibly powerful open source 3D asset creation tool. Make models, texture, animations, even videos using this tool. For free.


2D Game Engines and Resources

Construct2 – This engine does much of the work of developing an interesting 2D game for you, whether it’s a plat-former or top-down. Not a heavy coder? It also uses it’s own easy to follow event system in place of raw code.
Construct2 Store – Great place to find royalty free 2D assets and other 2D modules.

Unity3D Game Engine – Wait, Unity? That’s right, it has features that allow for developing 2D games. (You can also find lots of 2D stuff on their asset store)

2D Game Youtube Tutorials

The New Boston – Provides many, many excellent tutorials (not just for Construct2!).

2D Game Asset Creation

Pyxel Edit – A great tool if you are a pixel artist, as it is entirely dedicated to just pixel art


Choose Your Own Adventure (Interactive Books)

If you lean heavily toward creative writing, these engines are an excellent way for you to expand into games. Interfaces and development for these types of games is usually much easier than 3D or 2D to get into, but there’s still a lot of power to expand.

Twine – A free (even for commercial use) engine which can be used to build your own ‘Choose your own adventure’ type games.

Inklewriter – Another choice for creating interactive stories.


Structured Creative Writing

The Snowflake Method – A fractal approach to writing.


Indie Developer Podcasts

IndieDevPodcast – 1
Game Design Roundtable – 2
GameDevs Like You – 3
Indie Game Riot – 4


Useful GameDev Websites

Reddit GameDev – Tons of game development articles and useful information. – A site dedicated to hosting Indie games. Host your game for players interested in Indie games, give players the option to purchase your game or download free. It even has an option where players can choose to donate to you! – News related to game development, networking, and even a classifieds section with game dev jobs.


Jobs and Income

It takes a lot of practice and effort, but it’s possible to make income in indie game development. Whether it’s building and selling assets on the asset store, or taking up specific contracts as a freelancer. Note: I haven’t used all of these services, so let me know what you think of them; it’s ‘Use at your own risk’ for the majority, so be sure to cover your bases and approach work protected.

Unity Asset Store – An excellent place to sell game assets you’ve built.
Unity Connect – Anything from small 100$ tasks to full-time jobs available here.

Unreal MarketPlace – Build your assets and post them for other developers to purchase.

2D: GameMaker Marketplace – An asset store for the GameMaker engine.

2D: Construct 2 Marketplace – An asset store for the Construct 2 engine.

GameDevMarket – Another great place to post some assets for sale. No specific to any engine, so the market is larger than any specific asset store. Classifieds – Lots of full-time jobs posted here.

Reddit GameDev Classifieds – Another posting site for jobs. (Unity Developer) – I haven’t tried out their service yet, but freelancer sites in general are a possible way to find work once you’ve mastered a game engine or artistic style.

I Need a Team (INAT) – Looking to join a team for paid or for free? INAT can help.