Another Friday, another post!


  • Got all the way up to 98x different Runes and submitted to the Asset Store; they should be available here once they are accepted! Publishing stuff I make for the game is part of the funding strategy.
  • Started catching up documenting how different systems are put together. Love letter to my future self 6 months down the road and all.
  • Worked on the main game loop some more!

Rune Pack

Here’s some previews of the Rune Pack, and some ways you can make use of it (and how I might use it ingame):

Rune’s And their Extras

Dragon with Runes (Demoing Attachment to Model & Scaling up the Size

Knight with Runes (Demoing Attachment to Model & Scaling Down the Size)

Sword with Runes (Demoing Attachment to Object Another Character can Equip)

Main Game Loop

Below is the Castle to Destination path. Essentially, the player starts out in the castle (its here in the background) where customization / interaction / destination selection occurs. From here, they use the portal to pull up a map that is procedurally generated and which contains tiles that each have their own individual Macro state attributes.


Once the player selects a destination tile in the 2D map, the process of transporting them to the 3D area representing their selection occurs. This can be a 3D area that has been pre-built. Enemies, allies, and events are also selected based on both a Macro state and Randomness. In addition, the player can choose to bring along some allies to fight alongside or distract enemies.

Resources, exploration, and progression can be achieved this way. In addition, choices can impact the player and faction relations. This also makes it vastly easier to add content in a modular fashion, vs. going the full on open world route.

The 3D space is achieved using MapMagic (A tool for procedural terrain generation), and hand crafting things into the scene; to avoid things looking too similar each mission it is also possible to make multiple “3D Desert Terrains” for example. Each one could have slightly different setups in terms of aesthetics or natural hazards, or certain ones could be more suited for large scale battles vs. small scale.

Next Up

Going to work on some more bugfixes for the firebreath, start finishing up my procedural tile-map generator, and possible build out an environment for the 3D space in order to test the game loop out. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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