Another Unity Store Asset I am currently working on allows the player to manipulate objects in the environment in various ways.


For example, a classic staple of gaming might be this telekinesis-like ability where the player can grab an object and carry it around (think of grabbing a key, and then placing it into a lock).

Telekinesis script, grab object at a distance and carry it around.

The developer will be able to modify the settings to change the speed at which the object is pulled towards the player, the distance at which the player can grab the object, and the amount of force applied to the object when the player releases the object.



The second feature of this asset will be levitation. The player looks at the object they wish to levitate, and with a click of the button the object is lifted into the air in a physics based way.

Just the levitation script; it only controls the height, the object is free to get manipulated by objects bumping into it, disturbing its rotation.

The object is not directly controlled by the player after it is levitated (and using the ability again will stop the levitation, returning the object to its previous state). Because each ability is separated from the others, you can turn on/off each at will or combine them! For example, why not levitate an object and then toss it? (Pardon the pesky mouse showing up in the gif 😛 )

Levitation and Telekinesis used in combination.

Levitation is great for making physics/based platforms as well. This behavior is similar to what you would experience if you were trying to stand on a thick sheet of ice floating on water. Step too far to one side and it starts to tip!

The levitation script used for 3D platforming.


Maybe you want an object to attract all nearby objects? With the Gravatar script, you could set the amount of force the objects experience pulling them towards the object and the distance at which this effect is triggered. Here’s an extreme example of the script in action:

Gravatar script is running on the giant red sphere, vacuuming up all the smaller objects nearby.

Maybe you would rather use it in a more relaxed manner; heck, even make a planetoid or two with their own gravity. You can dial up the mass of the sphere enormously so that the relative effects on it are less than the effects of the objects on it.

Gravatar script exerting an acceleration on the cubes similar to gravity, towards the center of the big red sphere.

Feel free to let me know if this asset is of interest to you! These three options are the basic premise I am working towards, but I am interested in ways to tweak and improve if you have feedback.

For love of Gamedev,


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